Atlas Insurance collaborates with Saġġar and Ħaż-Żebbug local council to replant stolen trees

The TeamAtlas tree-planting volunteers at Wied ta’ Baqqiegħa, ready to get their hands dirty!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January, 2022 at 9:44 am by Andre Camilleri

Atlas Insurance has collaborated with Ħaż-Żebbug local council and Saġġar, the environment rejuvenation movement, to plant ten trees to replace the Cypress plants which had been recently stolen after the local council had organized a tree-planting initiative. These trees are located along a public path in Wied ta’ Baqqiegħa.

A small group of TeamAtlas employees helped representatives from the local council to plant Pinus Halepensis with the help of a gardener provided by Ħaż-Żebbug local council.

“We are truly appreciative of the financial and human support that Atlas has provided to re-plant these trees. We condemn acts like the ones we witnessed a few weeks ago and augur that the public can enjoy and appreciate the work being done to green our locality,” said a representative from the Ħaż-Żebbug Local Council.

“We are really proud to be supporting this initiative and once again we are collaborating with Saġġar to contribute to the betterment of the Maltese environment – which is in line with Atlas’s own environmental and sustainability programme,” said Matthew von Brockdorff, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Atlas Insurance.

The insurance firm aims to collaborate with various local councils in similar initiatives that promote a better environment and contribute towards improving green spaces for the public to enjoy.

Previously, Atlas had teamed up with Saġġar and created an opportunity for all its employees to contribute in a hands-on manner toward this national initiative, which has the aim of planting one million trees in Malta. Volunteers from Team Atlas spent a day at Saġġar’s working facility in Wardija, learning how to grow saplings from seeds and cuttings from other trees. In addition, Atlas gave a donation of €5,000 to Saġġar for the purchasing of supplies and the running of the workshops.

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