Atlas Insurance to sponsor Etnika’s Arrow of Time Festival

Atlas Insurance will be the main sponsor for Etnika’s Arrow of Time Festival

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 March, 2022 at 1:28 pm by Andre Camilleri

Atlas Insurance will be the main sponsor of Etnika’s Arrow of Time Festival, a two-week-long concept festival of music, dance, immersive installations, and collaboration with esteemed international art entities, such as Wildworks from Cornwall England, Buena Sombra Films from Seville, Spain, and Magna Żmien, Malta. The festival will run from 28 March until 10 April and is supported by Arts Council Malta.

Etnika is a leading modern folk band in Malta and has succeeded in reviving Maltese music’s lost sounds. The group also researched and unearthed old instruments and melodies on the verge of extinction.

“We are looking forward to this immersive festival which is out of the norm. We believe it is refreshing that Etnika is challenging expectations, and much like our aim at Atlas, will be a step ahead in bringing fresh, new experiences to their audience,” said Atlas Insurance Managing Director and CEO, Matthew von Brockdorff.

The festival will kick off on 28 March with a two-week residency involving local and international artists and volunteers who will engage in creative exchanges and transfer relevant knowledge to each other. Here, six audio-visual installations based on the passage of time, entropy and culture will be built and eventually exhibited at the Aviation Museum for the final performance. Four workshops will be given and will discuss Malta’s musical heritage, site-specificity, audience involvement and interaction, and video art installations.

Performances will commence on 8 April and will run until 10 April at the Malta Aviation Museum, which will be transformed into a performance space, especially for the festival. There will be two one-hour performances each night of the festival. Audience members will be able to enjoy immersive multimedia performances which include music, dance, art installations and projections.

Mr von Brockdorff said that Atlas Insurance is proud to help artists get back on their feet after the COVID-19 pandemic and remains committed to its values of supporting the arts and culture. #TeamAtlas members will also be volunteering during the festival.    Tickets to the live shows are currently on sale at                           

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