Collection of reflections by business leaders on 2021 launched

Last Updated on Friday, 22 January, 2021 at 9:47 am by Andre Camilleri

• Seed launches its latest publication, Next12

There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the year that defined a new normal. A year where online replaced in-person; where homes became offices; where living rooms became classrooms and where elbows replaced handshakes.

2020 will surely be remembered as the year that was not.

With still a prevailing sense of uncertainty, the world will surely continue to transform itself in a number of domains. There is no doubt that the world will change. Business and trade will change. Social dynamics and our way of life will change too. We need to start thinking of a new normal and   Malta is no exception.

Seed, a research-driven advisory firm, remains committed to its philosophy of providing research-based and insight-driven reports and content for business leaders to digest, reflect on and support them in their decision-making. Next12 brings together some of Malta’s leading thought-leaders in their respective field to share their insights on a number of areas and topics.

J. P. Fabri, co-founding partner at Seed said that “today’s environment remains highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The deep changes we have experienced and the acceleration of other transformations, are defining a new operating environment transcending economic sectors. Next12 is our contribution to the local business community by sharing reflections of some of Malta’s foremost thought-leaders”.

Nicky Gouder, co-founding partner at Seed added that “change is the only constant and as a research-driven advisory firm we believe that business leaders need to be informed and equipped with the latest thoughts, trends and insights in order to take better-informed decisions. Through our publications, we aim to provide this intelligence to the decision-makers”.

The publication covers a wide range of subjects from manufacturing to tax to the European Commission and Parliament to international trade to payment services. The contributors to the publication are Dr Elena Grech, Dr Mario Sammut, Dr Jan Micallef, Nicky Gouder, J. P. Fabri, Norman Aquilina, Dr Trevor DeGiorgio, Dr Rakele Cini, Chris Peregin, Gege Gatt, Christina Zammit LaRosa, Steve Agius, Sonya Sammut, Peter Grech, Christian Manicaro, Dr Gayle Kimberley, Josef Said, Dr Stephanie Fabri and Andrew Arrigo.

The report is available to download from

For more information or enquiries please contact:
JP Fabri | | 00356 99062515
Nicky Gouder | | 00356 79092692

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