Distribution of tax refund cheques in the next few days – Scicluna

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 June, 2020 at 9:07 am by Andre Camilleri

Over 210,000 employees will be receiving their income tax refund cheques in the next few days, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said in Parliament on Wednesday.

Scicluna spoke during the debate in Parliament regarding the €900 million COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

For the third consecutive year, full-time and part-time workers will be receiving their tax refund cheques. 210,000 workers will benefit from this refund, which will cost the state coffers €11.5 million.

Scicluna highlighted that as Mala did not enter a full lockdown, Malta was able to keep the economy up and rolling.

“The government’s first priority was to safeguard jobs, and that is why we provided the wage supplement scheme, and now the economic regeneration plan is aimed to target and help sectors like retail and tourism which took a blow due to COVID-19.”

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