EP President Roberta Metsola visits Teva Malta

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 February, 2024 at 9:13 am by Andre Camilleri

Teva Malta extended a warm welcome to the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola at its plant in Bulebel, where she toured the state of the art facilities and engaged in a positive discussion with the site leadership and employees.

The leader in the local pharmaceutical manufacturing sector since 1976, Teva Malta has a long success history bolstered by ongoing investment and innovation over the years. It currently produces 2.3 billion tablets annually with 70% of its production designated for the European market, and hence directly contributes to Teva Europe’s operations, including the supply of generics, saving some €5.4 billion each year from Europe’s healthcare budget.

Meeting key team members of Teva Malta, President Metsola spoke about the importance of the EU Single Market, stating that: “We should build on it without fragmenting it. We do not need to fence ourselves in. Our economy has grown over the years precisely because we stood for the opposite.”

President Metsola added that EU economies are competitive, and they need to remain so, with the green and digital transitions: “The European Green Deal is as much about security and boosting Europe’s competitiveness as it is about the green transition. If we invest in the know-how, technology, and foster development of skills necessary for the twin transition, we will gain the competitive edge.”

Patrick Cachia, Managing Director of Teva Malta, thanked President Metsola as he stated: “This visit holds great significance for us on many levels, not least in the context of the pivotal role that the EU and its policies play in enabling Teva to further its mission of providing access to quality medicines for all.”

Highlighting Teva’s commitment to wellbeing, innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Mr Cachia added: “In line with the Teva’s group environmental sustainability strategy, Teva Malta has contributed to a reduction of nearly 16,000 Tons of CO2, and a cumulative energy saving equivalent to the consumption of 8,000 Maltese residential homes, over the previous decade. Approximately 9% of energy consumed comes from a renewable source”.

Teva Malta introduced a number of energy reduction initiatives including the installation of 1,500 PV panels. It installed more than 700 LED lighting units, acquired new and more efficient HVAC systems, and eliminated two diesel fuelled steam boilers. The company also installed solar water heaters to supply hot water to the laboratory and packaging department and has a system for the harvesting of rainwater in underground reservoirs. The site is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

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