FinanceMalta triggers discussion on financial services

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 at 11:39 am by Andre Camilleri

FinanceMalta is holding a series of podcasts, aimed at triggering a discussion about topical aspects of the world of financial services. In ‘The FinTalks: a chat with FinanceMalta – Members edition’ the members of the Foundation will be sharing their views and ambitions for the sector.

Rudolph Psaila, FinanceMalta’s Chairman, commented: “The ‘FinTalks – Members Edition’ is another initiative organised by FinanceMalta for its members to showcase their endeavours. In line with our strategy, we are providing not only further visibility to our members, but also thought leadership content on a number of topics related to financial services, a sector which is significantly contributing to the island’s economy”

Carmelo Romano from FinXP, and Jonathan Vassallo from Dixcart Management Malta Limited, share their views on ‘FinTalks – Members Edition’

In the latest episode of ‘FinTalks’, published today, listeners will meet Carmelo Romano from FinXP, an electronic money institution which enables its customers to quickly and easily make and receive payments. In upcoming episodes, ‘FinTalks’ will meet Jonathan Vassallo from Dixcart Management Malta Limited, a corporate service provider which specialises, among others, in the incorporation and management of companies, fund administration, trust and fiduciary services.

‘FinTalks’ has already caught up with a number of leaders from the financial services sector, among whom, Dr Geraldine Spiteri Lucas from the Malta Business Registry, Dr Andre’ Zerafa from the Malta Asset Servicing Association, Kenneth Farrugia, Alexander Mangion and Consuelo Marzi from the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, Ian Meli from the MFSA, Stephen McCarthy from the Malta Digital Innovation Authority as well as Cain Grech from Malta Enterprise.

All editions of ‘The FinTalks’, both in audio and video formats, are accessible through the link and are available on FinanceMalta’s official YouTube channel as well as on all leading podcast platforms.

‘FinTalks’ is a series of podcasts produced by FinanceMalta, presented by Angele Spiteri Paris and Rachel Attard.

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