Maltco Lotteries agents and employees successfully receive specialised responsible training

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 at 9:52 am by Andre Camilleri

In the past year MALTCO’s Agents & Employees received over 5000 hours of Responsible Gaming Training.

241 Maltco Lotteries’ Agents & Employees have recently completed a specialised training in responsibility aimed for individuals who work as front liners in the gaming industry.  The training which was given over and above the company’s annual Responsible Gaming Training Programme, was organised by the Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) and focused on psychological concepts and characteristics of problem gamblers. The course has been conducted by psychologists and university lecturers with expertise in the field as they have ample experience with people suffering from different addictions. Although that it had initially started in the form of physical training last September, the course continued through online virtual training sessions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responsible gaming is an integral part for Maltco and thus the company seized this opportunity to further enhance the knowledge on responsible gaming practices by enrolling all of its personnel as part of its commitment to annually train all its retailers and employees. The National Lottery operator participated in two different courses, for customer care front liners and for senior managerial positions. 137 Maltco agents together with 30 employees participated in responsible gaming training for customer care. This training course was divided into three different sessions with 20 hours of training per person. Management and those agents employing assistants attended 25 hours of training specifically aimed towards responsible gaming for managerial positions.

Vasileios Kasiotakis CEO of Maltco Lotteries Limited stated that Maltco engages, supports and continuously upgrades the Responsible Gaming processes and adheres to the principles and guidelines whilst offering the players a secure gaming experience. “This was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss as it is vital for the company’s employees and agents to continue improving their skills in responsible gaming principles to protect the player’s wellbeing,” commented the company’s CEO whilst also expressing his gratitude towards RGF for providing this initiative.

Shawn Zammit, General Manager of the Responsible Gaming Foundation acknowledged the need to provide responsible gambling courses to all land-based gaming companies in Malta, with the intention to create a safe gambling environment within the Maltese islands. “With the help of the EU funds, RGF was capable to create these courses for the best interest of the country and companies operating within the local gambling industry.”

Maltco Lotteries collaborates with RGF on ongoing basis in order to support projects and initiatives carried out by RGF.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.

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