Global financial services company Trust Payments optimises Productivity and Efficiency with help from iMovo Limited

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 June, 2021 at 10:10 pm by Andre Camilleri

Trust Payments have recently engaged with iMovo to enhance the corporate Salesforce implementation, this being the world’s foremost Customer Relationship Management platform.

Trust Payments, a global financial services company with presence in Malta and over 20,000 customers around the world, offer flexible and international service for payment service providers.

This Salesforce CRM platform has been in place since 2017 and, as a result of the recent enhancements and customisations, Trust Payments is already seeing considerable improvements in staff productivity and efficiency through having efficient and effective processes and application integrations.

As a growing company with operations around the globe, Trust Payments faced challenges automating their processes and workflows, especially when assessed against the ever-changes requirements of a dynamic business environment.  The final decision to engage an external service provider was driven by the fact that the company required up-to-date, high-quality and highly trained Salesforce development resources and skills.

As certified Salesforce consultants and experienced digital transformation partners, iMovo digitally transformed their processes; from paper-based applications to digital alternatives that exploit the power of Salesforce modules and functionality. The newly implemented Salesforce platform ensures that business growth does not disrupt the customer experience. Moreover, having dedicated Salesforce resources such as iMovo enables quicker automation and frees up time of in-house staff for other activities.

The automation of various processes drastically improved the team’s performance. This engagement has created the path to optimum effectiveness; enhancing staff productivity and the speed at which projects are completed.

iMovo’s engagement is an ongoing one, and Trust Payments have in-house Salesforce development resources that handle spikes in business volume and adapt to growth. Commenting on this engagement, Marco Mercieca, Project Manager at Trust Payments stated that “Working with iMovo has been so far a very positive experience. The team is highly experienced in their field of work. Their approach makes it very comfortable for us to work with them, and we appreciate that iMovo can provide us the flexibility we need. We hope that this relationship continues over time.”

Having a reliable, ethical minded external provider is always the best option. Apart from cost savings, the company would benefit from sharing of knowledge, know-how, and process best practices, and a long-term plan for growth.

As part of the work related to compliance, iMovo assisted Trust Payments with the automation of processes related to the Know Your Client (KYC) Compliance requirements.

Other than automating the processes to ensure efficiency across the process, iMovo also assisted in the automatic validation of client information to include:

  • Webshield Verification
  • International Match Verification
  • International CreditSafe Validation

In this way, a new customer can be checked and validated automatically across with minimal human intervention and the risks inherent without such processes.

A company such as Trust Payments that relies on Salesforce to manage global customers, benefits greatly from a Salesforce roadmap to streamline and grow different areas of the business. In fact, together with iMovo’s expert input they have gained the correct understanding of the available options and created a long-term vision for Salesforce.

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