Malta sets record in social housing projects, initiatives

Last Updated on Saturday, 9 March, 2024 at 11:22 am by Andre Camilleri

During a Ministerial conference organised by the Belgian Presidency, in Liege Brussels, which discussed the accommodation sector, Minister for Social and Affordable Accommodation Roderick Galdes highlighted Malta’s plans for this sector and explained the initiatives being undertaken by the Government, also setting a new record for the number of social housing buildings to be inaugurated this year, to ensure that Maltese citizens have access to affordable, adequate, and dignified housing.

During his intervention, Minister Galdes emphasised that affordable accommodation is one of Government’s main priorities. “Over the past years we have implemented a number of policies and launched numerous schemes and strengthened existing schemes in order to provide and sustain decent social and affordable housing opportunities promoting stability and supporting social mobility, as well as continued to expand our social housing dwellings.”

Minister Galdes said that the Government’s multi-faceted strategy includes innovative schemes such as the Rent Housing Benefit Scheme, which today offers subsidies to around 3000 beneficiaries; the Rent to Assist Scheme, facilitating the leasing of private properties to Government for sub-lease to individuals and families in need; and the first time buyers scheme which is giving a grant of €10,000 over 10 years, so that more people become homeowners.

“These schemes together with other schemes launched by Malta are in line with the EU strategy addressing housing affordability. Malta is committed to continuing to ensure that every family has access to affordable, adequate, and dignified housing,” concluded Minister Galdes.

The Conference closed off with the signing of the Liege Declaration between the Member States.

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