MDA Academy and ITS to provide training in real estate

Denise Micallef Xuereb, Sandro Chetcuti and Marhese portelli

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 July, 2020 at 12:56 pm by Andre Camilleri

The MDA Academy – established earlier this year as part of the MDA’s efforts to raise the bar in the industry – entered into a partnership with the Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) to start offering training courses to real estate agents and other related professionals.

This initiative is being taken in response to new rules, introduced by the authorities, requiring a licencefrom property agents as from 2022.

Addressing a press conference at the ITS, launching the first courses for real estate agents, starting this October, the President of the MDA Sandro Chetcuti emphasised the need for continuous on the job training to modernise and improve the industry.

He said that during the last months, the MDA took a number of initiatives aimed at putting the flourishing industry on a sound and sustainable future, such as schemes to empower its members and their partners, including neighbours of projects and all stakeholders involved.

“Although we are just an association representing industry stakeholders, we are going the extra mile to be protagonists by showing the way forward on how things should be done. This training course, empowering all those on the selling-side of the business, is another step in this MDA’s strategy to raise standards and improve our product.”

Ray Abela, the MDA Academy Principal gave an overview of the courses on offer for real estate agents which will cover an array of subjects and techniques from customer care, to legal aspects and Planning Authority procedures.

“During the past months, the MDA Academy worked relentlessly to offer the industry with accredited and recognised training courses aimed to instil greater responsibility and upskilling amongst those working in the industry. This marks another milestone for the MDA Academy.”

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli and Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius also addressed the press conference.

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