Plans for hotel on Saqqajja Hill conditionally approved

Last Updated on Thursday, 6 May, 2021 at 9:44 am by Andre Camilleri

A hotel on Saqqajja Hill, partly replacing the site of the Tattingers club, has been conditionally approved by the Planning Authority.

The 81-room hotel plan received a non-executable permit, which will only be confirmed if the necessary geological studies, as well as others on the area, permit the development.

The site is located outside the development zone boundary of Rabat and in the vicinity of Mdina, approximately 100m from the bastion behind Vilhena Palace and resides at a corner between the main roads t-Telgha tas-Saqqajja and Triq l-Infetti.

The development is located within an Urban Conservation Area for Rabat, with most of the site situated within an Outside Development Zone (ODZ) Category 1 Settlement boundary, known as Tal-Qanpiena, while a small section extends over onto agricultural land. The site is also designated as an Area of High Landscape Value of Mdina within a Degree of Protection A Area of Archaeological Importance featuring various ancient city of Melite remains dating from the Bronze Age.

In terms of architecture, the proposal will take the place of four separate buildings which currently range from residential developments, ground floor commercial and industrial garages and the Tattingers discotheque.

This full development application proposes the demolition of the existing developments, excavation works and construction of a five-star hotel comprising of 81 guest bedrooms proposed over four terraced floors and one receded floor level.

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