RE/MAX Malta appoints new CEO

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 April, 2021 at 12:13 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta’s leading real estate brand welcomes Jeffrey Buttigieg as CEO, while Kevin Buttigieg shifts focus in his new role as Chairman

RE/MAX Malta has appointed Jeffrey Buttigieg as its new CEO.

The role is just the latest for Mr Buttigieg at the real estate giant, having set up the successful local franchise with his brother Kevin Buttigieg more than 18 years ago. Initially focusing on marketing, technology, public relations, training and business planning, Jeffrey Buttigieg was later appointed RE/MAX Malta COO and gained a further decade of extensive operations knowledge.

The move to his new role as RE/MAX Malta CEO, which took place late last year, marks the next chapter for Malta’s leading real estate brand, while former CEO Kevin Buttigieg shifts focus onto business development in his new capacity as Chairman.

“Kevin and I complement each other in the business – that is the key to success in today’s world,” explains Jeffrey Buttigieg. “As CEO, I can use the wealth of experience I’ve gained over the years at RE/MAX Malta to build and execute the company’s strategic and innovation goals, while Kevin continues to develop the business through new projects.”

The appointments are part of a larger restructuring exercise at the real estate brand, as it leans into the challenges presented by the pandemic and refocuses on providing quality over quantity. Meanwhile, RE/MAX Malta remains in the forefront of real estate technology and innovation on the island, introducing its ground-breaking Onyx Real Estate Management Suite and Fusion app, as well as launching more recently an exclusive consumer mobile app.

“Unless we’re leading in it, we don’t want to do it,” concludes Jeffrey Buttigieg. “As we streamline the services offered by the RE/MAX Malta team, we are keeping a firm eye on improving industry standards and the real estate customer experience.

“Technology continues to drive the business, and our Onyx platform – which we built from the ground up – has already received interest from international companies. We believe in giving our associates the best of everything, so that they can offer the best service to our customers. The agent licensing regulation that we had long lobbied for, and was introduced last year, is a step in the right direction, but that will not improve the industry by itself. RE/MAX Malta will continue to define real estate quality for the public, leading the way and raising the bar for the whole industry.”

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