RE/MAX Malta tops pre-pandemic targets

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 March, 2021 at 4:26 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta’s leading real estate brand betters its pre-COVID-19 targets, following a comprehensive restructuring and retraining exercise

RE/MAX Malta has continued its success story as the island’s best real estate brand, through restructuring, retraining and regrouping with a renewed focus on quality.

The real estate giant has even topped its own targets. After hitting its 2019 goals at the close of 2020, RE/MAX Malta has already exceeded its projected targets for January and February 2021 and beat the figures for the same two months in 2020 – pre-pandemic.

“This incredible achievement proves once again that RE/MAX Malta continues to lead the local real estate industry, even in the face of such adversity,” says Jeffrey Buttigieg, RE/MAX Malta CEO. “While the global property market has struggled with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, we have pivoted, focusing instead on improving quality over quantity across everything that we do – and the results speak for themselves.”

As the first cases of COVID-19 were announced locally last year, RE/MAX Malta leaned into the challenges and embraced the opportunity to restructure, improving and innovating across all services, technologies and training programmes. The brand was the first local agency to introduce virtual viewings and to train agents to offer video walk-throughs of properties, while expanding and updating its already-market leading properties database.

Reaffirming its commitment to offering customer service excellence, RE/MAX Malta refined its recruitment process for new agents over the last half of 2020, regularly hosting highly specialised recruitment events online.

Training was meanwhile given fresh focus, with existing RE/MAX agents benefitting from an intensive virtual training programme, daily over nine weeks. Previously exclusive virtual 60-minute sessions with international business leaders were also made available to the public, to enable local entrepreneurs in any industry to level-up their skills during the crisis.

Agent productivity to enhance the customer experience was likewise boosted via the international Go4More campaign. Launched across 25 countries in September 2020 by RE/MAX Europe, the campaign supported agents through expert webinars and tutorials to help them fit four additional activities per week into their schedule. Over just four months, the campaign successfully increased productivity of local agents by an impressive 25 per cent, with the top performers from each office each rewarded with a weekend break for two at Hilton Malta.

“We are proud of all our franchise owners, managers and team members who have overcome these difficult times through their consistent hard work, determination and resilience,” concludes Mr Buttigieg. “RE/MAX Malta is the best brand in the industry because our agents are. We will keep improving and innovating to ensure they are equipped with the latest tools and resources, maintaining our position as Malta’s best real estate brand.””

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