Saviour Camilleri to be new BCA Executive Chair

Last Updated on Friday, 17 February, 2023 at 7:03 pm by Andre Camilleri

Saviour Camilleri will be appointed as the new executive chairperson for the Building and Construction Authority, Prime Minister Robert Abela has said..

Last Tuesday, the BCA chair Maria Schembri Grima resigned from her post after the agency she led was constrained to stop dangerous demolition works in a project she is leading in her private capacity as an architect.

Asked about this during a press conference, Abela revealed that the new chairperson will be former draughtsman Saviour Camilleri, who is now retired and no longer practices his profession.

Abela reminded that the BCA, which has existed only for the past two years, is slowly growing in its resources and functions, and that the executive chairperson of any government entity should be on a full-time basis, prohibited from practicing privately.

He also said that the situation changes slightly when it comes to non-executive chairpersons, whose remuneration is relatively lower, and not many want to leave their profession to occupy this role, leading to having to increase financial packages for contenders.

Abela said that this appointment will minimise the risk of conflicts of interest, given that Camilleri is retired.

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