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As seamless communication is the most crucial aspect of conducting business efficiently, at GO Business we offer a wide range of services to help companies grow while keeping them happy at the same time. Integrated telecommunications company GO’s business arm works hard to cater for the needs of the smallest startups, as well as the biggest corporations with operations spanning many countries.

Business leaders have to make sure that they are connected to clients and partners around the clock. Effective communication is the very aspect that differentiates a firm that excels from its mediocre peers. However, this is only possible if the underlying technology supports the aspiring vision of the company.

At GO Business we provide services that can help companies move beyond connectivity and networking. In addition to our services, our dedicated and solution-driven team does its best to assist our partners, let it be equipment installation, the configuration of systems or offering ongoing support. With GO Business, we would like to be enablers, we want to see our partners improve and grow while utilising the technology we provide them with.

As GO Business, we are ready to cater for any need, from the most basic connectivity, through wireless-based technologies, up to maintaining complex fibre-based private networks that demand top-notch privacy and security levels.

Our clients can reach our B2B team any time through our website or the GO Business Centre well-located in Mosta’s PAMA Shopping Village. Our team is ready to provide to individual consultations, to offer customised solutions to any challenges or scenarios our clients might have

Arthur Azzopardi, Chief Officer, GO Business at GO plc.

Through our ability to adjust to the needs of both smaller firms and large enterprises, accompanied by our market experience, the solutions we deliver are not only designed for today.

Keeping future scalability in mind, liaising with the client about their upcoming plans, we advise them so they will not only strive today but in tomorrow’s challenging world, too.

The managed services we offer at GO Business enable us to run the clients’ infrastructure on their behalf, with very special attention to system administration, data services, disaster recovery, cloud services and infrastructure management, just to mention a few. Managing all these aspects removes the hassle from the client’s daily schedule, and with this very peace of mind, they can focus all their energies on running their businesses to the best of their potential.

Nevertheless, when we talk about 24/7 connectivity and networks arching the whole globe, we must address the elephant in the room; the desperate need for elevated security. One single breach can be devastating for a business. As companies are moving toward digitalisation and through digitising their paper-based knowledge they are creating sensitive and confidential big data, the need for top-notch security has spiked.

Therefore, security is of utmost priority for us at GO Business, as we keep investing considerable resources in the continuous development of our security set up and know-how. Being at the core of our operations, we have won the trust of banks, international IT companies and also government entities, in addition to many other clients.

We do not only keep updating our own systems, but we also educate our clients about vulnerability threats, through consultation and support, as well as via taking precautions to protect all our clients and customers.

The present article has been written by Arthur Azzopardi, Chief Officer, GO Business at GO plc. With a rich background in the ICT and Telecommunications industry, Mr Azzopardi joined GO in 2006 as part of the team responsible for transforming the company. Over the years he went on to work in different senior roles and following the successful turnaround of GO’s wholesale business, he was recently appointed Chief Officer for GO Business.

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