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Founded 12 years ago on the ethos of “the time is always right for doing what is right” translated to the context of recruitment services, Konnekt has grown into the leading recruitment agency in Malta, employing 38 professionals. In our swiftly-changing corporate world, we believe that our hunger for continuous improvement and supporting work with the latest innovations are essential steps for staying competitive.

In order to stay on top of our game, we push ourselves through frequent cycles of updating our systems and work practices to anticipate the ever-changing business environment.

We have recently gone through an internal restructuring; which comprised of introducing new methods to help us maintain ruthless focus on providing cohesive and efficient services to our clients. At the same time, being highly driven by technology, Konnekt will soon be launching cutting-edge systems to further support our recruitment methodologies. At Konnekt, we are constantly seeking to innovate without losing sight of our core values: doing what is right, staying loyal to clients, and keeping real to situations.

Hazel Refalo, Director at Konnekt.

“At Konnekt, we are constantly seeking to innovate without losing sight of our core values: doing what is right, staying loyal to clients, and keeping real to situations.”

Konnekt is very conscious about behaviour both internally and outside of our organisation. Internally, we do not reward “on commission” and do not tolerate high performers with a bad attitude, as cultivating a healthy in-house business culture is crucial for us. Working together with our clients, we keep an equal level of intensity between providing the best service possible, while maintaining our standards and setting expectations.

Booming industry

We have seen significant changes within our industry since we started back in 2007. Needless to say, Malta being one of the best-performing economies in Europe, results in a stable business environment, which provides the opportunity for us to delve into new and challenging projects. As anyone running a successful business knows: adaptability to change and courage for disruption is a necessity.

Konnekt plays a major role in a climate where the need for talent far outweighs the supply. In such an environment, keeping true to our values has become increasingly challenging. This is even more prevalent in the last few years with the sprouting of recruitment agencies, some which are too keen to get quick wins. We firmly believe this undermines the best practice in our industry. We have never and will never waiver from acting in the best interest of our clients and candidates, without compromising on accuracy for speed.

Most companies we work with are becoming savvier in dealing with the challenges of recruiting and retaining the best talent. If we are to remain relevant we must remain one step — or preferably three steps — ahead in offering solutions.

Keeping ahead of the game is our topmost priority, which essentially means keeping ourselves on our toes.

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