Maltco Lotteries re-certified in Responsible Gaming

Last Updated on Friday, 23 October, 2020 at 8:36 pm by Andre Camilleri

Double achievement for Maltco Lotteries as the company receives WLA and EL certifications on Responsible Gaming, adding two major milestones to its portfolio.

Recognised for putting its player’s safety at the core of its operations, Maltco has once again been accredited with the highest level of Responsible Gaming Certification (Level 4) by the World Lottery Association (WLA) and also the Responsible Gaming certification from the European Lotteries (EL) Association, which are the two leading associations in the lottery and gambling sector with more than 100 international members being affiliated to them.

Maltco Lotteries added two major milestones to its portfolio for the third consecutive time. The company has achieved the alignment with the EL Responsible Gaming Standards and has also met the criteria to be granted accreditation by the World Lottery Association in accordance with its agreement with the European State Lottery and Toto Association.

Responsible gaming is an integral part of the INTRALOT Group policy and Maltco as a member of the Group, applied Responsible Gaming practices in order to offer the players exciting, but at the same time secure gaming experiences. Vasileios Kasiotakis CEO of Maltco Lotteries Limited stated that Maltco Lotteries, engages, supports and continuously upgrades the Responsible Gaming processes, adhering to the principles, guidelines and standards set by the EL Responsible Gaming Framework. The company reaffirmed that whilst wanting players to entertain themselves, it also encourages them regularly to play in a very responsible way.

“This is a great achievement for Maltco as we place utmost importance to specifically design games on responsible gaming principles as we care about our player protection. Our company’s teams and agents devote any required effort, daily, in a continuous endeavor to protect our players from any Problem Gambling issue and direct them as appropriate to a secure and entertaining gaming experience,” commented the company’s CEO Vasileios Kasiotakis.

The WLA and EL Executive Committee stated their appreciation towards the sterling work that Maltco Lotteries and collaborators have performed throughout the years and they expressed their pleasure in giving the certification of alignment to Maltco Lotteries Ltd for the third time. Internally, the audit helped all functions of the lottery and all employees to come together, engage more directly and to better understand the importance of Responsible Gaming. Externally, Maltco sent a message to the stakeholders and the general public that commitment to Responsible Gaming is very important.

The most challenging aspect was the gathering of the necessary documentation, but impeccable teamwork helped to overcome this process. Maltco was audited by an international audit firm who found the company to be aligned with all the requirements to acquire this certification. The audit takes places every three years, with Maltco achieving its first certification from WLA and EL in 2014 and 2017.

For more information you may email , visit the company’s website, social media pages or call Maltco’s Helpline on 23883333.

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